SoHo Playhouse announces Lighthouse Series lineup, April 18 - May 5
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New York, NY – Coming off the massive success of the Lighthouse Series 2022's winner, JOB, with two sold out runs, and with the 2023 winner IT'S NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE primed to take the stage later this summer, SoHo Playhouse is thrilled to announce the 2024 Lighthouse Series lineup.

SoHo Playhouse's Managing Director Britt Lafield says, "We are thrilled with the success of JOB coming out of the Lighthouse Series. It shows our commitment to developing new works and that this model can produce compelling fresh productions that would otherwise have a difficult time producing a full production on their own."

Amazing works by NYC's talented up-and-comers. A competition, first of its kind, specifically designed to showcase the best new talent and writers across the New York City area. 3 weeks. 15 shows. 5 groups. 5 winners. Each night is built as an eclectic and diverse experience with themes and performances ranging from drama to comedy, and everything in between. Winners go on and have the ability to expand their pieces for the next round of Lighthouse Series performances in June/July. From that group an overall winner is picked to receive a full production at SoHo Playhouse in 2025. Come see tomorrow's stars today!

The 2024 Lighthouse Series runs April 18 - May 5 at SoHo Playhouse, located at 15 Vandam Street in New York City. Each evening's run time is approximately 90 minutes. Tickets are $31.50 (includes fees). Schedule varies - for exact days and times, to purchase tickets, and for more info go to


GROUP 1 Performances on Thursday, April 18 at 7pm, Friday, April 19 at 9pm, Tuesday, April 23 at 7pm

DONNIE AND GREG: An Unauthorized Transformative Work

Written and directed by Sean Pollock. Starring Miciah Wallace, Axel Vera, Nick Dove, Sean Manucha, Jordan Richards, Jac Bernhard, Kelly Fuller, Mary Kate Heagerty and featuring Josh Lau and Hallie Bond as covers. Production team includes Dramaturg/Producer Alexa Powell, Stage Manager Carly Gilmore, Movement Coach/Intimacy Coordinator Caiti Lattimer, Musical Direction Colston Reinhoff, Costume Design and Co-Props Design by Kirsten Saminich, Scenic Design and Co-Props Design by Hannah Tarr, Sound Design by Noah Green, Costume and Props Assistance by Alexandra Endres. Presented by Unattended Baggage.

DONNIE AND GREG is a new one act play centering on a blossoming gay high school romance at the height of the AIDS crisis in the late 80s, which lovingly transforms familiar elements from a famous 2001 horror/sci fi cult classic film featuring The Gyllenhaals and Drew Barrymore (you know the one) involving time travel, the music of Tears for Fears, parallel universes, paranormal orbs, and a freaky-looking bunny into a new unauthorized, transformative, theatrical work.


Written by Elizabeth Shannon and directed by Katie Michelle Stahl. Starring Betty Schneider and Sarah Lepre. Understudies are Drea Campo and Jess Garcia.

KAYLEE & ADELYN tells the story of a set of identical twins exploring their lives together until a school shooting rips them apart.

Elizabeth Shannon and Katie Michelle Stahl are both rising seniors at Marymount Manhattan College and pursuing careers in social advocacy and awareness through the arts.


Written by Ali Keller and directed by Colleen Britt.

Fantasies are harmless, right? But what happens when your spouse wants to take a dark fantasy from the realm of imagination firmly into your bedroom? For two couples, the boundaries of compromise, communication, and unconditional love are tested to their breaking point, and seven-year-old Mia is getting caught in the crossfire.

GROUP 2 Performances on Thursday, April 18 at 9pm, Friday, April 19 at 7pm, Wednesday, April 24 at 7pm

SELL ME: I am from North Korea

Written and performed by Sora Baek, and directed by Jaimie Van Dyke.

A 15-year-old North Korean girl sells herself to save her dying mother. Will she survive as she struggles in a merciless foreign land, where her existence is illegal? Performed at the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center and inspired by true stories of incredible North Korean women defectors.


Written by Nina Kissinger and directed by Elena Cramer. Starring Jude Cramer, Sami Devries and Stefan Schallack.

Shortly after dying Sam finds himself in a void with Lenny, a somewhat competent afterlife employee, for his exit interview. Like many things in Sam's life, this does not go as planned. THE EXIT INTERVIEW is a dark comedy about what it means to reflect on your life after death and, more frighteningly, for someone else to.


Written by Dante Dallago and directed by Wendy Maciver. Starring Sabrina Fierro and Shannon Pepper.

Bored, Serena and Elle share (some not so holy) secrets in the middle of their school's mass service.

GROUP 3 Performances on Sunday, April 28 at 4pm, Friday, May 3 at 9pm, Sunday, May 5 at 7pm


Written by Joy Lackey and directed by Drew Woodson.

As an exhausted mother and a bitter grandmother discuss the fate of their growing black boy their deep seated hate for black men raises him up to be the very thing they despise.


Book, Lyrics and Direction by Trevor K. Band, Music and Music Direction by Jonja Merck. Production team includes Assistant Director M. L. Redstone, Lighting Design by Jonja Merck and Sound Design by Ryan O'Dea. Starring Trevor K. Band, Ryan O'Dea and Mariana Leone.

In this musical comedy, twins A and B are exactly alike and couldn't be more different. When Mom gives A special treatment before his school's awards assembly, B decides she's done being overshadowed by her golden-child twin brother. But how far will she go to be seen—and at what cost?


Written and performed by Cat Pedini, and directed by Alex Boruff.

WAXING MATILDA introduces you to four different women, each with a story to tell, using the structure of the lunar cycle.

GROUP 4 Performances on Monday, April 29 at 7pm, Wednesday, May 1 at 9pm, Saturday, May 4 at 9pm


Written by Matt Morse and directed by Abby Davis.

Annie Brown is ready to KILL her science presentation on the food chain. But when the animals become a little too aware of their roles as predator and prey, the whole show is thrown off-kilter.


Written and performed by Alex Beige, and directed by Emma Gometz.

First seen at the Spade Collective, join Archbishop Beige of the Website Evangelism movement in celebrating the joyous intimacy of websites, alongside the more somber offering of their only begotten laptop to the realm beyond. A pseudo-Catholic mass reconciling loss, internet intimacy, and generational trauma via laptop puppetry. HTTP!


Written and directed by Scott Brooks. Assistant directed by Jenny Greeman.

A lottery winner picks the wrong woman to con, and she begins to plot her revenge with the help of a wealthy friend in this dark satire. LUMP SUM is an excerpt from the first act of Behold! The Monied Class! by Scott Brooks.

GROUP 5 Performances on Tuesday April 30 at 7pm, Thursday, May 2 at 9pm, Sunday, May 5 at 4pm

TOOTHY'S TREASURE: A New Musical Comedy

Book, Lyrics and Direction by Brayden Martino, and Music and Music Direction by John-William Gambrell. Assistant Directed by Lucas Boniface. Stage Managed by Molly Brodowski. Puppets by Tristen Martino and Brayden Martino. Technical Direction by Arthur Knox. Social Media by Emma Hansen.

Starring Rhea Bradley as Captain Moldy Bones, Claudia Smith as Carrot the Parrot, Gabriel Generally as Wet Shoe, Clay Webb as Squid Lips, Callahan Gillispie as Fungus & Others, and Melody Munitz as Toothy & Others.

TOOTHY'S TREASURE is the musical adventure of a pirate crew pursuing their deceased captain's riches, led by the heroism of their new rookie. When this "perfect protagonist" abruptly dies in the first scene, the crew seeks audience members with "main-character energy" to help guide their way to the treasure.


Written by Lisa Lewis and directed by Timothy Koch.

When Jess asks her married twin brother if he'll provide the sperm for her and her wife's future baby, long-buried secrets and complex desires are unearthed, as both couples must grapple with the question of when--or even if--they want to take the plunge into parenthood. THE ONE/FIFTH is a hilarious and deeply moving exploration of what happens when a messy modern arrangement puts everyone's relationship under the microscope.

Lisa Lewis's play SCHOOLED received Four Stars by Time Out New York, raves in The New York Times, Daily Beast, HuffPost and was published by Applause Books.


Written and performed by Emily Weitzman, and directed by Rachel Resnik.

In the absurd world of FURNITURE BOYS, boyfriends are couches, chairs, lampshades and futons. Blending theater, comedy, clown, spoken word, and furniture showroom, FURNITURE BOYS examines the immortality of inanimate objects and the mortality of a woman determined to f**k the furniture before oblivion—or, at least, before the couch clearance.

SoHo Playhouse's mission is to preserve, produce and present the unique art form known as Off Broadway Theatre. For info visit

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