Edinburgh Fringe Hits MODERN WITCHES and BRAIN HEMINGWAY arriving Off-Broadway
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Edinburgh Fringe Hits MODERN WITCHES and BRAIN HEMINGWAY arriving Off-Broadway

NEW YORK CITY, NY- Two of this year's favorite Edinburgh Festival Fringe shows are making their hotly anticipated debuts Off-Broadway at the Players Theatre. In a gripping double act, MODERN WITCHES and BRAIN HEMINGWAY explore two different artists' very different relationships with iconic writers, figuring out their own lives in the process.

In MODERN WITCHES, a struggling actress with cold feet abandons her queer fairytale rehearsal dinner to get a self-tape audition as Virginia Woolf off her chest. She hunkers down at the mystic shop where she charges candles for a living, and uses the magical ingredients around her to enhance her performance. As she breathes life into Woolf's words, she unwittingly weaves an incantaction, summoning a spectral intervention.

In award-nominated show BRAIN HEMINGWAY, a blocked writer with a looming deadline is haunted and harassed by the subject of her last theatrical flop, Ernest Hemingway. Hemingway bloviates and distracts, relishing every moment he is able to distract the writer from fulfilling her goals. Will the writer be able to move past this amalgamation of her bad reviews and self doubt? Or will Hemingway win and finally take over her brain for good?

"‘Modern Witches' and ‘Brain Hemingway' are very different shows, but they rhyme in some really cool ways," says ‘Brain Hemingway' writer and performer Erin Murray Quinlan. "When I saw ‘Modern Witches' at the Fringe, it felt like a no-brainer to see if we can get them side by side. I'm excited to see how they compliment each other when it's one after another."

MODERN WITCHES and BRAIN HEMINGWAY will start their limited engagement at The Players Theatre on May 2nd at 7:30pm with performances on Thursday through Saturday at 7:30pm and Sundays at 3pm until May 19th. For tickets, visit http://www.theplayerstheatre.com/calendar.html.
Link http://www.theplayerstheatre.com/calendar.html

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