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re: No nudity.
Posted by: portenopete 12:57 pm EDT 04/10/24
In reply to: No nudity. - dramedy 12:47 pm EDT 04/10/24

I'm mainly thinking of my own issues when having to expand bar codes and QR codes on my phone as I get to the scanner. And sometimes my screen will have locked and I have to unlock it with facial scan and then rejig the bar code so it feels like forever.

Another change is people getting to the theatre 45-60 minutes before curtain for...what? To use the bathroom? Buy merch? Invest in a $20 glass of wine in a plastic cup? Those lines now are just crazy, doubly so when they begin to merge and you have the Royale/Plymouth/Golden crush on 45th. (Yeah, I know they changed the names of two of 'em and I'm sure the Golden will get renamed soon enough.)

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