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I sometimes think I sound like a broken record on here but once again there are no rules. There are hundreds maybe thousands of ways actors work between gigs. Yes a lot work in service industries that are flexible but that's not really true of folks established to the extent of Beth Leavel. Some people don't need to work (family money, a spouse, or their own careful saving and investing). Others work in other ways (some quite lucrative) within the industry (teaching/coaching, voiceover/commercials/industrials) and still others have developed skill sets that make them highly employable basically on an ad hoc basis (writing, editing, music, coding, etc.) And that's really just off the top of my head and based on people I know.

Generalized numbers like the amount the "average" actor makes acting are not really useful, nor are the percentages of actors who "make it". I don't know anything about Beth beyond what I have seen onstage so I don't know what her situation is. It doesn't look like she picks on random TV work on any regular basis and I can't imagine that is for any reason other than that it is her choice.

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