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Not to negate my own post entirely, but (wince) I have to agree with you. The novel is a different animal, tonally, in terms of focus and depth. The musical took its central conceit and redeveloped it in primary colors. Even Elphaba's death is a cheat (and we lose something quite powerful and tragic as a result, if arguably, a downer in a musical comedy that has the age-range of fans unlike any other in the last 25 years). But I'm cautiously optimistic that pieces of the world-building might deepen at least the Shiz scenes, which in the musical have the unfortunate character of Saturday morning cartoons. We can't really believe that these two young women are in a university. So expanding with the Dillamond figure and classmates, using McGuire's prism, might fill out an undernourished canvas in the musical. Of course, it remains to be seen whether this story really is two films, released a year apart. Breaking a satisfying tale into two and fading out on the intermission point is daring. But we don't know if the daring will deliver as creatively as commercially. Maybe it doesn't matter.

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