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Well, there's having a good time, and there's HAVING A GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD TIIIIIIIIIIME - and the latter is usually more suitable to a rock concert or something where extreme audience participation is understood as a real part of the experience. It's a matter of proportion, and to some extent, deportment (though I use that word cautiously). It should also be a question of awareness. If there's only a small bunch of people doing the screaming, they really should take the temperature of the room and realize that the rest of the audience isn't doing that, and they maybe they could calm it down a bit. But they usually don't do that and keep screaming. And typically every number gets the (over)reaction, even if it's a soft ballad that you think might get a different kind of response.

There was a local performance of Sweeney Todd I went to last year where this one guy in the back was doing the hooting and hollering routine after every single song - be it a big number or something like Green Finch. He was the only one doing it. He never stopped. It was horrid.

I can't say for sure whether the people that do this are doing it to be noticed or are doing it because they honestly believe they're earnestly cheering the show on and this is what people do. But I know a lot of us feel that it's a fairly recent thing - still pre-pandemic but recent. I think the first time I was really aware of it was the MTV telecast of Legally Blonde, and I chalked that up to the TV element of the event. (Though for that matter, the audience for the televised original Into The Woods was a bit overhyped too. But again, it was TV, and also it was a reunion of the original cast.) But it wasn't long after that I noticed it more and more in live performances I went to.

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