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Thanks. I wouldn't call the "You Could Drive A Person Crazy" arrangement "barbershop" - in fact, it's nothing close to that. But it is a slightly more contemporary spin on pop harmony singing than the original intended Andrews Sisters pastiche. Maybe closer to the Hi-Lo's or a similar 50's/60's male group? (even though it's not as sophisticated as that).

I so agree about the Bobby/Joanne and the Bobby/Amy moments being terribly readapted for this version. They make no sense. And you just put your finger on why I started feeling disconnected by "Marry Me A Little" - because it doesn't follow well at all from the end of the previous scene. Even though that song wasn't added into the show until the 1995 revival, it's largely worked for me because what Bobby sings about is a similar rationale to his sudden decision to propose to Amy - and the song particularly links to Amy's response ("you have to want to marry SOMEbody, not just someBODY") which Bobby simply doesn't process yet - in fact, not perhaps until the scene with Joanne and "but who will I take care of?"

BTW - I'm not sure if Bobby and Amy ever had a relationship in the show pre-opening (the standard version based on the opening night script doesn't have any evidence of that), but there was a song "Multitudes Of Amys" that clearly signaled Bobby's feelings for her. It was one of the original options for the Act II finale, cut when the writers decided that Amy and Paul would indeed get married in Act I.

I will say this - all of this makes me yearn for a good "old-fashioned" mounting of the 1970 version. No "Marry Me A Little," no Bobby/Peter scene (and none of the other script additions made over the years). Vocal Minority in the pit, with an RMI keyboard playing those period organ/harpsichord/lute/electric piano sounds. Complete Tick Tock dance, the 20-bar held "I loooooooove you," and everything else in the 1970's materials. And done by a cast and orchestra as able as the one I just saw do the tour. Ok then, I'm ready. Someone??...;-)

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