re: Company revival. So what about Bobbie?
Posted by: Chazwaza 04:46 pm EDT 04/15/24
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Yes, even though MMAL wasn't added to end act 1 until well after the original (of course it was written for the show in 1970), the Amy/Bobby scene was always there. And it was the half-way point for Bobby to get to Being Alive. He provided that scene where Bobby expresses his notion for this compromised marriage relationship, the have-your-cake-and-eat-it version and almost-connection, almost-vulnerable, conditional dependence, conditional need. Etc. The song beautifully and powerfully expands on that, but it is written into the scene that was there, and remained there as a great way into MMAL when it was eventually added.

As for the possibly previous relationship with Amy... might it have been something put in for the Donmar revival in 96? I have such a distinct sense of it being referenced. But maybe I just took the fact that Amy is the only couple that isn't already married and expanded into a backstory, plus the clearly primary friendship they have rather than Bobby and Paul (i get the sense that in the other couples, Bobby is primarily friends with the male partners, except with Amy and Joanne -- which is another part that doesn't work for me in the new version, I don't think the script or score makes it believable at all that this Bobbie is friends first with these men, or that she thought of them as "ones that maybe got away" or "potential marriage material", so "Someone Is Waiting" with the male friend names doesn't work for me the same way).

I too long for an original 1970 version, but I would still put Marry Me A Little in. Everything else though, I'd like back as it was. :)

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