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From TodayTix: Daniel Radcliffe will not appear in the following performances: Thurs 5/30 through Sun 6/2. Jonathan Groff will not appear in the following performances: Tues 4/16 through Weds 4/17

BTW: I saw Groff's understudy at the Wednesday matinee yesterday. His name is Corey Mach. I was seeing the show for the first time.
I liked Corey and the rest of the company very much. BTW: Lindsay Mendez was in and was in great voice and high energy. Corey usually does the role of Tyler the inventor of the phone answering machine but did well as Franklin Shepard. He has a very expressive face which registered a lot of ambivalent feelings and transient guilt. He gained in authority throughout the show and by the end was well-matched with Radcliffe and Mendez. He has a good singing voice. Not as conventionally handsome as Groff but had sex appeal and moved well.

I actually got what Krystal Joy Brown is doing as Gussie - Gussie admits that she is a self-invented person and Brown plays her like Gussie is always onstage (center stage) giving a bravura performance - a histrionic personality who is always over the top. The character is written very exaggerated and almost campy and Brown went for it. She is sexy and a strong singer. I think Gussie is meant to be irritating and exhausting and Brown certainly conveyed that.

An enjoyable afternoon.

By the way the Dress Circle at the Hudson is the equivalent of the lower/front balcony or mezzanine in most other theaters - the Balcony at the Hudson is the high up cheap seats (not so cheap for this hit show). Third row center is probably great and row P in center orchestra sounds like heaven.

Marlo Manners (Lady Barrington)

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