re: Merrily - Scheduled Absences?
Posted by: WaymanWong 04:59 pm EDT 04/18/24
In reply to: re: Merrily - Scheduled Absences? - Marlo*Manners 04:34 pm EDT 04/18/24

Corey Mach's a talented guy I've seen in other shows and concerts. Last night, though, I read that Evan Alexander Smith went on as Frank.

Any reports on Koray Tarhan, who went on as Charley on April 2-3? No doubt he'll be back to fill in for Radcliffe's remaining scheduled days-off.

On the ''Merrily'' website, if you clicked onto any of days Groff and Radcliffe were scheduled to be off, there was a pop-up box to alert you ...

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