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As the N.Y. Daily News reporter who broke the story about the casting controversy over ''Miss Saigon'' in 1990, this is a topic near and dear to my heart. It's ridiculous that Jon Jon Briones wasn't even NOMINATED for playing the Engineer at the 2017 Tony Awards. But again, it's just proof of the arbitrary nature and luck of the draw during awards season. At the Olivier Awards, Briones was nominated, but his co-star Eva Noblezada wasn't. At the Drama Desk, Briones was nominated, but not Noblezada. But at the Tonys, Noblezada was nominated, but Briones wasn't. Go figure!

So Jonathan Pryce, a white actor in yellowface, could WIN a Tony for a role that an Asian-American actor couldn't even get NOMINATED for. Sheesh!

I also think that nominators have the tendency to nominate names they know, too. So it was easier for them to pick Pierce, Groban, Karl, etc.

And fame is the name of the game, too. Darren Criss, who's half-Filipino, had suggested to Ryan Murphy that Briones play Andrew Cunanan's father in ''The Assassination of Gianni Versace.'' After Murphy saw Briones on-screen, Murphy was blown away: ''Who is this? Why haven't I ever heard of him?'' And Criss had to tell Murphy that this is the plight of many Asian-American actors; nobody knows who they are. If you've seen the Emmy-winning mini-series of ''Gianna Versace,'' Criss won his deserved Emmy. Also, Briones gives an Emmy-worthy tour de force in his episode, but he didn't get an Emmy nomination because voters didn't know who he was. On the other hand, I'd argue that Ricky Martin got an Emmy nom because voters know who he is.

By the way, Briones and his daughter, Isa, just went into ''Hadestown.'' Has anyone seen 'em? Glad that Briones is back on Broadway!
Link Playbill.com: Jon Jon Briones and Daughter Isa Join the Cast of Broadway's 'Hadestown'

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