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Absolutely true about fame game and name recognition. Nominators and voters in all awards shows are lazy-minded, and busy, and human. But lazy-minded, by and large, if you ask me.

If i recall, Ricky did have a notably bigger role, or at least spread out into more episodes, but didn't get to do anything as impressive as what Briones was given. I'm also sure Ricky has much more powerful agents/managers/publicists, who are motivated to get him recognition as a real actor (not to mention paid to), moreso than Briones has I think it's safe to assume.

It's very cool that Briones and his daughter are in Hadestown. I've seen the show twice now, I think I'd need another year or two before needing to see it again, but I'm sure they're great.

Also crazy about the swapping of Briones and Noblezada in all those awards... I thought both were without question locks for nominations. I'm very glad her undeniable performance was nominated against Midler, LuPone, Ebersole and newcomer Benton ... but I still can't understand how Briones didn't get in to Lead given some of the names/performances I'd easily take out to put his in. I don't think David Hyde Pierce should even have been eligible for Lead - I assume he was above the title and is famous (and a Tony winner in Lead already -- though that's more than reason enough not to spend a slot in that category on him, in a role that's far too small to be Lead, in a production that had more than enough name recognition and star power in the famous lead role, meaning the production didn't need his nomination either). What a shame. Sigh.

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