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The Sunset Limited
none too fragile theater

Myron Lewis and Richard Worswick
The Sunset Limited is one of two plays written by the outstanding American writer Cormac McCarthy (b. 1933). The author is best known for his novels:The Road (2006) for which he received the Pulitzer Prize, No Country for Old Men (2007), All the Pretty Horses (1992), and others. The Sunset Limited (2011) was produced on HBO and featured Tommy Lee Jones and Samuel L. Jackson.

The Sunset Limited has as its subtitle “A novel in dramatic form.” The play is dialogue driven rather than being action driven.

The story deals with two men. White (Richard Worswick) is a well-educated professor who attempts suicide by stepping in front of a train, The Sunset Limited. He is rescued by Black (Myron Lewis). Black takes White to his modest apartment where they talk about the existence of God, White’s right to kill himself and their lives.

Black has served time in prison and now that he is free he has found God and wants to do good works. Black is frustrated by White’s desire to end his own life.

White seems to have had all of the advantages Black didn’t have. Yet, White, an atheist, seems desperately unhappy.

Black and White argue for about 90 minutes about life and what is ahead after death. Their discussion is fascinating.

Fortunately, Sean Derry, director, cast two excellent actors in this production. Myron Lewis and Richard Worswick are talented actors and bring their considerable abilities to the stage in The Sunset Limited. The two men hold the stage and the audience’s attention for the 90-minute performance.

The only problem in the production is McCarthy’s dark script. I find it reminiscent of his novel The Road. I desperately wanted something to raise the darkness of the script and offer some hope. However that was not to be. McCarthy is considered one of the most talented writers producing work at this time. I’ve experienced his novels (does one enjoy his novels?) and The Sunset Limited is the first of his plays I’ve seen.

I recommend this production to anyone with an interest in serious, thought-provoking theater and spectacularly good writing.

The none too fragile theater is located in Akron, Ohio. Audience members gain entrance to the theater through Pub Bricco.

For ticket information for The Sunset Limited call 330-671-4563. For more information about the none too fragile theater, check the web:

none too fragile theater
The Sunset Limited September 12 through September 27, 2014
By Cormac McCarthy
Black: Myron Lewis
White: Richard Worswick
Director: Sean Derry
Stage Manager / Prop Master: Brian Kenneth Armour
Website, accounting, box office and promotion: Jaysen Mercer
Entrance to the theater through Pub Bricco
Ticket information: 330-671-4563.

Photo: none too fragile theater

- David Ritchey

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