I saw some people sent back to sticker station.
Posted by: dramedy 11:40 am EDT 04/10/24
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I suppose if you had a paper ticket you could lie and say you don’t have your phone. But I think most people have to use their phone to scan a ticket and I assume that is a sticker check point.

The whole thing is ridiculous. It’s not that hard to remove the sticker and take pics and put sticker back on. And I’m sure slime tutorial doesn’t even use the phone camera but a separate camera. The only way to truly stop it is with the keyed phone bags. I’d put some small slip of paper on the lens before applying sticker if you want to be careful. But I assume alcohol would remove the sticky stuff without damaging the lens.

There is a free shot at the door so if you skip the id check you won’t get your hand stamped to get the free shot. Probably a good way tonget people to buy the first drink by giving a free shot to start the ball rolling. There are a lot of people drinking.
The cocktail glasses and champagne glasses is a nice touch. As for the show—well that’s a different story.

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