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I think Kecia Lewis has a good shot -- i hear she's sensational in HK, and she is an extremely talented Broadway stalwart since the 80s, and is beloved in the broadway community.

As for Radcliffe -- 2 unsolicited things -- "And Radcliffe turns ''Franklin Shepard Inc.'' into a neurotic, tongue-twisting tour de force." I haven't seen his performance as Charly yet, but I'm pretty sure Sondheim is the one who "turned" that sound into a neurotic, tongue-twisting tour de force. That's the song. It's always been that.
And the Tonys absolutely does not owe him anything for How to Succeed... and there isn't anyone who was nominated that year who I'd have taken a nom away from to give to Daniel. If my memory serves he wasn't great in H2S, and he was giving a performance that is the inverse of what that character needs. I don't blame him, I blame the director. But it doesn't change the performance I saw.
I would have sooner nominated him for Equus, but that revival wasn't even nominated for Best Revival of a Play -- but then, neither was Exit the King, which I loved, and which Geoffrey Rush won Best Actor in a Play for. It was a stacked year for revivals. Speed-the-Plow also went unnominated (fairly) but Raul Esparza got a Best Actor nom. I might have given his slot to Radcliffe honestly, but it's been awhile since I saw either performance. Rush in Exit the King had my vote either way.
I'm more shocked that Stephen Mangan, who played the lead in the sublime revival of The Normal Conquests, which is *3 whole plays*, didn't even get nominated. (Norman Conquests won Best Revival) I would again, and even without hesitation, take Esparza's nom and give it to Mangan. I also didn't see that original production of God of Carnage, so maybe I'd have taken Daniels or Gandolfini's, hard to say, but that entire cast was nominated that year.
Joe Turner's Come and Gone, another incredible revival, snagged a Best Revival nomination (taking a spot many assumed might go to Equus), but only managed 1 acting nomination (Roger Robinson, who won, for Best Featured Actor)

I actually think, for all the love for this Merrily revival and Radcliffe in it (he is a lock for a nomination), I think Ricamora has just as strong a shot to win. Given his history in that show, his other work on Broadway and off, and in no way dismissing how much he would deserve a win on the merits of his performance, but there has never been an Asian Best Featured Actor in a Musical winner. There has never even been an Asian male even nominated for a musical ever. The Oscars, like all awards shows, has many many eyes on it and the diversity of its nominees and winners. I wouldn't be at all surprised if voters vote with this in mind as well.

And I think they'll put Chip in Featured if it means he has a shot at a nom or win there.

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