It is not that I disagree with the review
Posted by: dramedy 08:19 am EDT 04/15/24
In reply to: NEW BROADWAY REVIEW - "LEMPICKA" - T.B._Admin. 11:27 pm EDT 04/14/24

But in comparison to other spring shows, lempicka stands out as better. At least it has a score with some songs. Most of the shows seem to be interchangeable score with unimaginative lyrics to fit the story. Could I really tell you the difference between the music in outsiders, elephants, noteboook or suffs? I liked the glossiness of lempicka and the plot held my interest. I think 20 minutes could have been cut and yet Beth leavel character should have been expanded a bit with another song—but probably more for actress than role. It made me look up lepmicka and there is going to be a major retrospective in San Fran and Houston later this year. I would not have really bothered to see it before this show but I definitely will now.

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