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I disliked her cabaret rendition. Deconstructed and screaming at the end. Just sing the song the way it was intended. I know the audience cheered but I felt it was the last disaster of the evening.

Joel grey (yes I saw the 80s tour) and Alan Cumming had a lot of heart behind the façade of the mc, Eddie redmayne is a caricature of a clown (and dresses like one in the second act). I really did not like his performance and changes in voice. But he did sing tomorrow belongs to me beautifully.

I liked the set a lot and the costumes of the MC were amazing. Sally on her underwear all the time was not a good costume.

Bebe is the best fraulein Schneider I’ve ever seen.

I think someone posted recently that is you have seen the previous revivals skip this one but see this one if you haven’t. I tend to agree.

It’s probably going to get rave reviews and win best revival although I would vote for merrily especially turning a notorious flop into a hit revival—when was the last time that happened. (Maybe Chicago if the original production lost money).

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